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Third Party Services

For many years, Bigston has specialized in a variety of third party service operations for the premier names in the consumer electronics industry. These services include outsourced customer factory service, product kitting and packaging services and product fulfillment services. All of these 3PSP services are monitored with state-of-the-art bar code technology that provides you with comprehensive, real time information about product returns. Flexible pricing and shipping plans ensure a program that is customized to meet your requirements.

Customer service

Bigston offers a comprehensive customer service operation. We aim to achieve the highest satisfaction from your customers with services that include phone centers, technicians and administrative support for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty products.


Fulfillment services include filling individual customer orders or bulk shipment to retailers. Bigston's sophisticated computer systems provide seamless integration with ERP or Internet shopping services allowing rapid and accurate order fulfillment.

Product kitting

Bigston can combine product components into kits either on a special project basis (for example, for a holiday promotion) or on a continuing basis. Examples include digital camera packaging combining a lens, accessories and camera into a single package, repackaging desktop personal computers with LCD monitors for special promotions or combining a digital camera with a personal photo printer.

I/W & O/W repairs

With experienced technicians on staff, Bigston is a premier repair company in the industry. Over the years, we've repaired an extensive variety of electronics throughout the U.S, and maintain a high customer satisfaction level in the industry. Every unit is diagnosed individually, and we're dedicated to providing an extraordinary service experience, with quick repair times for units, quality parts and labor, and customer service representatives who are available to answer customer's questions.

Recall and Retrofit Programs

Recall and retrofit programs require rapid response, accurate record keeping and short turnaround times. Whether you're looking to implement an extended warranty for your product or modify an existing one, we are here for you. Bigston can help you put a plan into action that is suited for your specific product requirements. We provide full service for both individual consumer and bulk retail programs. Some of these services may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Box shipment to end users for product return
  2. Repairs & firmware updates on units
  3. Customer service operation