Quality, Service, Innovation


Many manufacturers have turned to Bigston for light assembly and packaging jobs. Our employees are dedicated to quality work and have a proven track record of success with a variety of light assembly projects. In many cases, packaging materials can be ordered quickly through our suppliers to meet seasonal or promotional needs.

Design Services

We can leverage our technical and engineering capabilities, along with our network of suppliers, to assist in the design and creation of unique products. From concept to full-scale production, our experience and expertise will help your idea become reality.

Bigston has relationships with leading PCB manufacturers, metal fabricators, part suppliers, and packaging experts. These relationships are critical to acheiving success in the highly competetive consumer electronics market.

Bigston's core business is refurbishing and reverse logistics. Combined with our manufacturing and design services, we can be a one-stop-shop for the entire life cycle of your products. Combining these services offers many advantages over traditional manufacturers that can significantly reduce overall costs throughout the life cycle.

By leveraging our facilities in Reynosa, Mexico, Bigston is also capable of larger-scale manufacturing and assembly of electronics products. With labor prices on the rise in China, Mexico is become a more and more viable option for such operations.


Bigston also helped design, assemble, market, and sell our own high-fidelity speakers under our partner brand TimeDomain. To learn more about the unique design, please visit