Quality, Service, Innovation

Company Profile

Since 1972, Bigston has built a reputation for quality service to the electronics industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a variety of services to industry leaders including inspection, product renewal, subassembly and kitting.

Bigston Corporation is certified as a minority owned and controlled business as defined by the National Minority Supplier Development Council and a minority business enterprise (MBE) under the Business Enterprise Program for Minorities, Females and Persons with Disabilities.

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Reverse Logistics Services

Bigston is a leading provider of reverse logistics services to the consumer electronics industry. From accepting RMA returns directly from retailers to refurbishment and fulfillment, Bigston can handle any or all of your reverse logistics needs.

We have experience inspecting and repairing a wide variety of product categories and track everything using our custom production tracking and inventory control systems.

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Third Party Services

Bigston also provides a wide range of third party services including outsourced customer factory service, product kitting/packaging services and product fulfillment services.

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Secondary Market Sales

We have existing relationships with many retailers and distributors in secondary market channels. Whether selling new, refurbished, or as-is products, we have customers interested in buying in bulk and at competetive prices. Such channels can be critical to reducing impact on primary markets while still recovering as much value as possible.

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